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Don’t Expire, Act!

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You were excited. You were ready for that big shift in your life. You knew that somehow to get closer to that big goal, you needed to leverage the investment you made from the real estate you own to get there. So what did you do? You decided to put that property for sale on the market. You felt that your real estate would sell despite price, condition, and location. Hey, you we’re in a hot market, the buyers were out there. And you hired a Realtor to help you find them and represent you when you were to receive an offer.


So then you listed your real estate on the MLS with expectations of being flooded by multiple offers – specially within the first two weeks! And with all the marketing, exposure, and open houses, you wait… and wait… and wait again without any sign of a solid offer. 6 months later you receive a phone from your Realtor that said that the listing for your property has been expired!


“Now what?” That was the question that came across your mind. Six months ago you had big plans for a future that can bring more joy and happiness into your life only to find that your real estate wasn’t sold and you missed out on the return from your investment. ¬†Life went back to normal and the inspiration faded away. You may have had doubts about the goals you were wanting to achieve. You even tried to sell your home on yourself, yet that only added more headache and inconvenience to your family and work life, plus you may have not have had the time and dedication to deal with the process of being a do-it-yourself real estate agent.


But HAVE FAITH! In your goals, your dreams, your future! Whether you listed your property 3 years ago or 3 months ago and it expired from the market, have faith in achieving the main reason why you chose to sell that property!¬† You may want to ask yourself, “what’s keeping me from capitalizing on my investment in order to have the future I want?” It’s never too late to evaluate! It does makes sense to see what options are available in the current real estate market. Depending on location and demand, you can be hopeful that your property gained equity since it was expired. And if you’re to list in a market with low real estate inventory, you may even receive multiple strong offers. The moral is this, have faith in what it is you ultimately want to achieve. The whole purpose is to bring property and possibility together. And when you know what’s possible, you will be active.

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